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Finally, your employees can get back to work! 

How much time does your office spend each day sorting through the junk email in their inboxes to find the genuine messages? 

A Gartner Group study reveals that a typical office employee spends 49 minutes per day dealing with email. An eMarketer study found that 38% of all corporate email is unsolicited, a number which continues to grow. Based on these two studies, the average employee spends 18.6 minutes each day dealing with junk email. 

Let's say your employees using email spend just 6 minutes a day (in case you feel 18.6 is a little high) sorting email on average, they are wasting about thirty minutes a week, or two hours per month.  We can help you recover those two hours for two dollars per email account per month. 

Datawright is now offering a new Email Security Service. For a nominal fee of $2.00 per email address per month, you can reduce your spam by roughly 98% and block known viruses before they ever get to your email server. 

Our spam filter automatically eliminates junk mail or spam from each user's mailbox, protecting your staff from unwanted distractions and interruptions. All spam is redirected to a Spam Tank where you can retrieve re-directed emails and change the filter to prevent future mislabeling as a spam. 

   Our virus definition engines (we use two) are updated every 10 minutes, not every 24 hours like most of the standard virus programs. This virtually stops email viruses before they even get near your network and acts as two more layers of protection. 

Our attachment filter is positioned to reject messages with certain types of file attachments before they enter the corporate email system. This feature is the first layer in our defense to insure potentially destructive files, such as .vbs, do not gain access to our customer's email infrastructure. This feature is defined by domain. Customers can add or delete file types as well as file names in order to fine-tune the filter. Emails with blocked attachments are sent to Quarantine for administrative review. 

Our Content Filter gives administrators the ability to block messages based on content found in the message subject as well as the message body. Messages can also be blocked based on character sets (i.e. language types). Any blocked messages are delivered to Quarantine for administrative review. 

Our Policy Filter allows administrators to block messages based on message size. This feature is defined by domain. Emails with policy violations are sent to Quarantine for administrative review. 

Our Black and White lists give customers the ability to block or allow email messages based on domain name, email sender and email recipient. It offers domain wide black/white lists at the administrative level as well as the option to let individual users set up their own custom black/white lists. Black listed emails are sent to Quarantine for administrative or user-level review. 

Our Store & Forward service operates as a backup server, protecting our customer networks from lost or bounced email. Each day, corporate email servers refuse messages for a variety of reasons including: unscheduled downtime, server overload, server crashes, maintenance windows and connectivity problems - locally or to the Internet. Our Store & Forward feature is based upon our distributed network providing customers with unparalleled uptime and system redundancy. Undelivered email is held on our network for up to ten days or longer if necessary. 

A unique range of reporting services allows email administrators an unparalleled view into the use or abuse of their email servers. There is a wide variety of online reports in order to help manage internal email usage. 

This service is not meant to replace your current anti virus program. Our Email Security Service filters only email that is delivered to your domain mail server. It does not filter email your users access through web-based email such as Hotmail or Yahoo. It will not detect viruses downloaded through Internet browsing or transferred by means other than email, such as CDs or diskettes. 

There is no software to buy or install. You will still use the same program you do now for your email. There is a very small setup fee, which we even waive on 1-year prepayments. You must be using your own domain name (yourname@ to use this service. We can assist in obtaining your own domain name, if you wish. 

How much time does an employee have to spend sorting email to make this service worth a few bucks a month? 

Contact Datawright, Inc. today so your employees can get back to what they do best!




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